“Looking Beyond’

"Looking Beyond"  by Tina Steele Penn  Oil on Canvas
“Looking Beyond” by Tina Steele Penn
Oil on Canvas

People have many reasons for their art expression. But for most of us it is about going away. Stepping away from the ho-hum, the mundane, the things that hold us tightly bound to the earth. This is certainly the reason I paint, draw, sketch, and generally just play in any artistic medium. Yes, sometimes I’m serious, and sometimes I’m very childlike.

The best times for me are when I DON’T have a message. an agenda. When the endeavor isn’t about a vision, or something I want to record, or interpret. When it’s just me, the paint pallet, and NO preconceived idea. Just the open, clear, accessible canvas. These are when the unscripted and most ephemeral pieces emerge. Sweeping out with each new brush stroke – transporting to a place I’ve never been. Like when I began this piece.

In “Looking Beyond” I am in my one of my favorite artist places. Caught up in the textures, the colors, the exhilaration of just – painting. Not tied to anything concrete, but carried by the brush of the stroke, the flair of the color, to a place beyond where I sit, or perhaps can even imagine. I hope you find you are carried away as well as you join me in – “Looking Beyond”.