“Lost Opportunities”

Lost Opportunites 08152018


“Lost Opportunities” This painting is about all the things we want to do, really need to do for ourselves, that life and being busy prevents us from doing.

I am an artist. But life is so demanding it seems that what I need is often set aside for “later”.  I really need to be on the water, on a small boat, or a big boat.

I get these yearnings, perhaps you can call it homesick.  But I’m sick for the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves, the gentle rocking, to and fro.  I get homesick for the woods too.  But only the kind that smell like home.  Lots of leaves, moss and moisture, creeks, and the sound of the water lapping the rocks.

I tend to paint in a very minimalist style, until I get to the detail/a that matters to me. In this painting it would be the rising height in the clouds, and the lift of the waves.  So that is what is where you will find the emphasis.  Also, there was a desire for the boat to look a bit forlorn, as if it too was missing out on the fun, and resented the grass growing around it.

The original of this painting is now in a private collection, but you can order canvas prints, cards,  or even for fun, handbags – etc here: Buy Prints, etc

handbag lost opportunities